Community Spotlight: ApeBond's Governance with Commonwealth

Community Spotlight: ApeBond's Governance with Commonwealth

As a platform dedicated to facilitating community-driven governance, Commonwealth is proud to be the platform hosting ApeBond DAO’s governance & community. Let's dive into ApeBond's governance model, some of their key governance initiatives, & how you can participate.

What is ApeBond?

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol committed to building a sustainable DeFi future for projects and communities. ApeBond, previously known as ApeSwap, is an organization that contributes to the growth of the ApeBond protocol.


ApeBond’s mission is to provide sustainable financial opportunities for both crypto users and projects in a transparent, accessible, and secure way.


ApeBond aims to decentralize traditional finance and help build a fair global economy through a sustainable, community-driven DAO.


  • Accessibility: Create tools for users to leverage DeFi opportunities, regardless of background, wealth, or experience.
  • Transparency: Build together through community-driven governance and transparent processes that ensure our users are aligned with our collective goals.
  • Security: The highest priority is to maximize the safety of users' funds, partner projects, and the community.
  • Sustainability: Revolutionize DeFi with a sustainable approach, instead of predatory practices which only look for short-term benefits.

Key Features of the Ape Bond Platform

Ape Bond is designed to provide sustainable financial opportunities for both crypto users and projects. It aims to decentralize traditional finance and contribute to building a fair global economy through its community-driven DAO. Below are some key features that they’ve built to achieve their mission:

  • Liquidity Bonds: Users can purchase Liquidity Bonds using Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to receive a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that represents discounted tokens vesting over time.
  • Reserve Bonds: These bonds are purchased with blue-chip tokens or stablecoins, and, similar to Liquidity Bonds, users receive an NFT representing discounted tokens that vest over time.
  • Staking: Ape Bond allows users to earn tokens by staking their assets in Farms and Staking Pools.
  • Multi-Chain DEX Aggregator: Powered by LiFi, this feature enables users to swap between different cryptocurrency tokens across multiple chains.

ApeBond’s Governance Process

Decentralized governance for Ape Bond operates through the ApeBond DAO, which is a community-driven model allowing participants to have a say in the decisions and direction of the Ape Bond platform. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Governance Participation: In the Ape Bond ecosystem, stakeholders, usually token holders, are given the opportunity to participate in governance. They can propose changes, vote on proposals, and engage in discussions about the future of the platform all on Commonwealth.
  2. Governance Process:
    • Discussion (Optional): This is an initial stage where ideas and suggestions can be discussed within the community. This typically takes place in the Commonwealth forum via a threaded discussion in the initial post. Below are some recommendations on what categories to include when creating an initial forum post:
      • Proposal Introduction and Context: The proposal should start with an introduction, providing context to the proposed changes. This section should summarize the proposed idea and include any supporting context proving why the change should happen.
      • Summary of Changes: This section outlines the main changes being proposed.
      • Detailed Plan and Considerations: It is recommended to include a clear action plan for the proposed change and to include all relevant considerations that stakeholders should be aware of.
    • Proposal Review: Once an idea has matured, it moves to the proposal review stage. Here, the proposal is more formally documented and reviewed.
    • Voting: Voting is conducted via Snapshot, which integrates with the ApeBond Commonwealth platform. Token holders can vote on proposals, with their voting power being proportional to the number of tokens they hold.
      • Voting Options: The voting process needs to present clear options for community members to vote on. An example of common voting options are Pass, Reject, and Abstain.
    • Outcome: Based on the voting results, a proposal is either passed or failed. Passed proposals move forward to be implemented in the ApeBond ecosystem.
  3. Platforms and Tools: ApeBond uses Commonwealth for hosting discussions, proposal reviews, which also integrates with Snapshot for the voting process. A large portion of the community discussion occurs on Discord and Telegram.

Decentralized governance in ApeBond is a structured yet flexible process, ensuring that the platform remains adaptable, transparent, and community-focused.

Hosting ApeBond’s DAO Governance Process

ApeBond uses a popular Commonwealth setup which is the crypto-native forum with the bi-directional Snapshot integration. This means proposals can be discussed, iterated, and voted on all in one place. This consolidation of the formal governance process places allows for the process to be as efficient as possible.

Commonwealth plays a critical role in supporting ApeBond's governance process. It serves as a platform for discussion and refinement of governance proposals. For instance, if a proposal is rejected, it goes back to discussion in Commonwealth for further alignment and necessary changes before being re-sent for review. This iterative process facilitated by Commonwealth ensures that proposals are thoroughly vetted and refined based on community feedback and insights, thereby enhancing the decision-making process within ApeBond's governance structure.

Governance Initiative Spotlight: Migrating to ABOND

The ABOND migration initiative within ApeBond's governance process was a significant milestone for the DAO. This proposal aimed to establish a migration plan, which began on October 12th. Under this plan, users were able to lock their $BANANA and $GNANA tokens to migrate to $ABOND through a new Migration Bonds page. The Migration Bonds were set to a linear vesting schedule. This process provided a 60-day migration window for all $BANANA and $GNANA holders. This governance initiative represents a strategic shift in the tokenomics of the Ape Bond ecosystem, marking a significant transition in its operational model.

Commonwealth was utilized as a key platform to facilitate the governance process for the ABOND migration. It served as a discussion forum where the proposal was deliberated. The process included options for the community to either pass or reject the proposal in its current form.

How to Participate in ApeBond

There are several pathways to get involved with ApeBond, each catering to different levels of engagement and skillsets. Here are some ways for how you can get involved:

  1. Join the Community: Start by engaging with the ApeBond community. You can join their community channels such as Twitter, Discord, Commonwealth, and Telegram. These platforms are great for staying updated on the latest news, announcements, and discussions.
  2. Purchase ABOND Tokens: Acquire ABOND, the native utility token of ApeBond. Holding ABOND tokens can provide various benefits within the ApeBond ecosystem, such as participating in governance, staking, and accessing certain features of the platform.
  3. Participate in Governance: Participation in ApeBond DAO governance is open to all stakeholders in the ecosystem. This involves contributing to forum discussions, reviewing proposals, and voting on proposals. Through this process, stakeholders can influence the direction of the DAO, including aspects like tokenomics, product development, and other strategic decisions. The inclusive approach of the DAO allows for a wide range of opinions and ideas, fostering a community-driven governance model.
  4. Explore Partnerships (for Crypto Projects): If you're involved with a crypto project, consider exploring partnership opportunities with ApeBond for growth, liquidity, and advisory services.

If you are interested in participating in Ape Bond or would like to learn more, check out their Commonwealth space here.

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