Common Expands to New Frontiers: Introducing Support for Base Chain

Common Expands to New Frontiers: Introducing Support for Base Chain

Common is excited to announce the integration of Base support, the innovative blockchain platform scaled by Coinbase. This initiative highlights our dedication to expanding our reach and deepening engagement across diverse ecosystems.

Exploring Base: A Paradigm Shift in Blockchain Technology

Base is a pioneering blockchain ecosystem, reshaping how digital assets and decentralized applications (dApps) interact — “Base is our commitment to onchain”. It represents a nexus for developers and creators to forge a blockchain-driven future. Base's distinctive architecture delivers exceptional scalability, security, and user-friendliness, making it a compelling platform for a wide array of blockchain ventures.

Enhancing Gating Features with Base Integration

Gating and groups on Common allows communities to regulate access to discussions and content based on specified criteria. With Base support, Common’s gating capabilities embrace the diverse range of tokens and digital assets on the Base chain.

Communities and DAOs within the Base ecosystem can now use Common's platform to cultivate targeted, impactful, and secure conversations. By setting access based on ownership of specific Base tokens or NFTs, we can ensure that participants in these gated forums are authentic stakeholders.

Base Communities can additionally connect to the Base Directory on Common to discover and connect with other Base communities on Common.

Base Community Setup on Common

Broadening Our Scope: Welcoming New Projects on Base

Introducing Base chain support invites a plethora of new projects and communities to Common. From nascent dApps to groundbreaking NFT initiatives and dynamic DAOs, our platform is now primed to accommodate a broader, more diverse user base.

This expansion not only enhances the versatility of our platform but also enriches the experience for all users. By integrating communities from the Base ecosystem, we're fostering an exchange of ideas, strategies, and discussions, enhancing the collective experience on Common.

Common will continue to deepen integrations with Base chain and the surrounding ecosystem

Farcaster integration & Community Stake coming soon…

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