Common Protocol & Osmosis Enter New Strategic Partnership

Common Protocol & Osmosis Enter New Strategic Partnership

Today, we’re thrilled to announce another brand new partnership, this time with the team at Osmosis. Osmosis has launched a revolutionary decentralized AMM using the Cosmos SDK framework, which offers IBC-enabled token trading and allows for new forms of liquidity provision across Cosmos chains. With Osmosis, developers can easily customize their own AMMs while the complexity of cross-chain transactions is veiled from liquidity providers through smooth UX, fast transaction speeds, and unbelievably low gas fees.

Through this exciting partnership, Osmosis will be able to leverage Commonwealth’s software and platform in order to facilitate better ongoing and productive discussions within their communities. Commonwealth’s core offerings are designed to empower communities to participate, thereby enabling the Osmosis team to expand their footprint and providing the environment that will scale with them as they grow.

Community-led governance is at the heart of Osmosis. Common Protocol is a great way for their communities to organize their thoughts and have more consistent valuable discourse on topics ranging from economic incentivization to product roadmap. “The ability to share governance proposals, iterate on them, and get soft signaling via polls before going live on the chain will be invaluable,” Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder at Osmosis, stated. Additionally, “the ability to have "sub-forums" for specific communities will be amazing!  For example, not only will communities like ION be able to get their own forum, but even the LPs of a specific pool will be able to get a personalized space just for themselves!”

Via the $OSMO native token, holders have the power to participate in proposals and shape the future of the protocol, making these forums of discussion a pivotal space for ideation regarding the development of Osmosis. Participating in $OSMO governance will be especially interesting as Osmosis allows developers the freedom to customize liquidity pools, modules, and much more—the team’s ultimate goal is to provide the best framework for creators to tailor their AMMs.

With Common Protocol, no matter the depth nor breadth of topic, Osmosis will have the support it needs to capture the thoughts and sentiment of its participants. Though Osmosis is already one of the most active governance communities in Cosmos, we’re excited to see an even bigger flourishing of governance proposals that will arise from new and sophisticated tooling on Common Protocol.

This new partnership marks a key milestone in the expansion of our project’s ecosystem, as we’re branching out into this advanced DeFi protocol to help further develop and sustain AMM technologies. “Osmosis’s community is full of enthusiastic users and developers who want to take AMM protocols to the next level. They’re paving the way forward for the future of this technology, making the entire process and user experience far more creative, decentralized, and efficient,” said Grace Guan, Head of Marketing at Common Protocol.

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