How Onchain Collaboration Helps with Community Building

How Onchain Collaboration Helps with Community Building

Communities are the heart of innovation, driving the creation of projects and solutions that people truly care about. As the importance of community continues to grow, so do the challenges of fostering trust and effective collaboration.

How do we get people to come together and put all these moving pieces together?

Onchain collaboration is a way to build robust communities through transparency, collective action, and rewards for members. By leveraging blockchain technology, we facilitate community growth and interaction in a way that inspires action and encourages open sharing of skills and opinions.

Transparency, it’s not just a buzzword

How many times have we heard people say transparency and blockchain in the same sentence? Probably a lot, and it’s for good reason!

Onchain collaboration records every transaction on a public ledger, which makes it visible for anyone to see. This transparency not only fosters trust within the community but also motivates individuals to take action.

Grant allocation, crowdfunding campaigns, and community governance are all examples of onchain collaboration that can greatly benefit from transparent transactions.

Decisions are made collectively

Oftentimes, we see communities that are dominated by a few people who end up making all the important decisions. With this setup, it becomes challenging for the community to feel confident in their actions due to the lack of unified agreement.

Onchain collaboration decentralizes this skewed power dynamic by allowing collaborative decision-making by the whole. Smart contracts and DAOs are tools that give each member a voice in what the community is doing.

On Common, we saw LinksDAO vote on which golf course to acquire. They set up a proposal using our discussion forum, and then the LinksDAO members were able to cast their vote on which course to buy. They ended up acquiring Spey Bay Golf Course!

Clear roles and responsibilities

Onchain communities make it easier to assign and define roles and responsibilities, which can prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. As a result, decisions are made more efficiently. When people know what their roles are within the community, they can also be recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

On Common, you can filter through community members and assign roles to individuals. Being able to customize your community to your needs can take your ideas to the next level.

Aavegotchi is a crypto collectibles game that relies on their community to vote on new collaterals, update the game, and decide the future of the collectibles. Members are able to have roles that range from participants to game developers and more. They’re incentivized through tokens and ownership of the Aavegotchis

Rewards and incentives

Tokens, badges, and other incentives reward people for participating in onchain community. When people can see the direct impact of their efforts, they’re more likely to keep participating.

By fostering a sense of accomplishment and recognition, people can self-sustain the community and drive growth. Rewards also help establish roles and responsibilities as mentioned earlier.

Common will be enabling communities to utilize onchain incentives for participation and engagement, so keep an eye out on our socials!

Onchain is the next step forward

Onchain collaboration is an incredible tool for building and nurturing diverse communities. By providing transparency, decentralized decision-making, clear roles, and rewards, blockchain technology effectively tackles challenges faced by traditional communities.

As more communities adopt onchain collaboration, we can expect to see a new wave of engagement and growth.

Interested in starting your own onchain community? Explore Common to create your community or browse existing ones.