Infinity Launches Commonwealth Governance Forum to Empower NFT Marketplace Participants

Infinity is the recently announced NFT marketplace for the metaverse and is experiencing rapid growth.

Today we are excited to announce the collaboration of Infinity and Commonwealth Protocol in building an all-in-one governance platform for the Inifinity community. The Commonwealth team is excited to facilitate the governance activities that will continue to grow Infinity’s NFT marketplace.

About Infinity: A Community Driven NFT Marketplace for the Metaverse

Infinity is a community driven, decentralized NFT marketplace built for the future of discovering, developing, and owning NFTs. Infinity also offers the low fees of 1.5% in its NFT marketplace. Positioning itself as the NFT marketplace of the metaverse, Infinity looks to empower the community by offering accessible governance tokens that enable holders to vote on many aspects of the marketplace.

Infinity's community owned marketplace is governed through a DAO with a treasury created from the fees generated. Infinity’s approach to governance makes it the perfect partner for Commonwealth’s all-in-one governance platform.

To learn more about Infinity, please visit their official website or follow their Twitter and join their Discord.

Where Decentralized Communities Grow: Commonwealth Protocol Offers an All-in-One Solution for Decentralized Communities

Commonwealth is the crypto native, all-in-one community & governance tool used by many of the top blockchain projects. Commonwealth combines the decentralized community use cases for Telegram, Discourse, and Snapshot all into one place. This means Infinity’s governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more will happen all on their custom Commonwealth platform.

The Infinity community’s platform on Commonwealth includes forum functionality and will continue to offer more capabilities as Infinity grows out it’s governance program. Currently, community members can join in on the discussion on topics such as the community treasury, grants, featured collections, and more.

Participate in Infinity’s New Commonwealth Forum

The Commonwealth forum is live and able to be used by the Infinity community. Users are encouraged to kickstart new discussions on their new Commonwealth platform.

At the time of this announcement, Infinity community members are discussing whether or not to extend the airdrop duration. If you want to participate in this conversation, check out the discussion happening on Commonwealth here.

The live forum can be found at