Our Common Goal

Our Common Goal
Create onchain together

Introducing Common: Create onchain together

Today, we are all terminally online. Doing what? Constantly tapping, scrolling, and swiping our life away. Online, we’re all just consumers of feeds. Onchain, we’re producers of action.

We’ve each had daydreams like creating memes for friends, adventures to far off places, or acting on an idea that just might change the world. Online, we only posted about these things. Yet when brought onchain, are possible futures we create together.

Don’t just ask for permission from gatekeepers, grab attention instantly when you represent your idea with a token.

Don’t wait for money from higher-ups, open a shared wallet to collect and reward contributions from everyone.

Don’t just post about wanting change from politicians, drive action with community bounties and votes.

So even if you think an idea is seemingly too ambitious or only half-formed, bring it onchain. We see the future pulled forward in real-time with every new post, meme, and project launch. You will find that every idea has simple, concrete actions for your community to take from daydreams into your shared reality.

Create Onchain Together.

About Dillon Chen

Im the Founder and CEO of Common. Previously launched Edgeware, a smart contract platform. Find me on X and my forum.