August 24 Partner Call: Increased Participation & Governance Research

August 24 Partner Call: Increased Participation & Governance Research

In case you missed our partner call yesterday, we’re sharing our updates here for our community to stay in touch with all things Common. Thanks to initiatives being discussed on community hubs like Stargate, Osmosis, Juno, Evmos, Agoric, and Terra, Commonwealth’s monthly active users grew by 15% last month.

Community Highlights

Terra: Terra received 11k views on a proposal to airdrop eligible users a total of 18,709,455 LUNA from the Community Pool. Since they had technical issues with their original drop, they’re using our platform to resolve the airdrop in a way that best serves the community and invites feedback from anyone who wants to participate.

Evmos: Evmos received 25k views on a proposal to add Evmos as a supported chain on the DEX while making a EVNMOS/RADIO pool. It would the RadioShack DEX’s first foray into the Cosmos ecosystem.

Boosting Participation & Improving Community Management

Did you know that communities on Commonwealth have higher token holder participation rates? The average community not using Commonwealth typically has only 3-5% of token holders participating in proposals and discussions. On our platform, communities see an average of 7-10% of token holders participating.

And we’re working to increase these numbers. Since notifications boost participation, our development team is improving Snapshot notifications sent by Commonwealth. Soon, users will be able to get notifications whenever a Snapshot proposal is posted to their community. We hope this feature will boost participation in proposals.

Let us know: Are there any other types of notifications you’d like to see rolled out on Commonwealth?

Governance Research Initiative

Our growth team is researching approximately 10,000 forum posts from Commonwealth’s top communities, categorizing them, and documenting findings about what they proposed or discussed in order for us to better understand what drives engagement across our platform. With this information, we’ll be able to publish best practices—such as using proposal templates—for different types of governance initiatives.

Let us know: What types of insights would you be most interested in learning about?

As always, we’re excited for the future of Commonwealth and can’t wait to build it with all of you. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all our product and design updates and be the first to leverage them for your community.