Admin Onboarding is now LIVE

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Admin Onboarding, a pivotal addition to our Common and designed to streamline the onboarding process for admins. By reducing barriers to entry, we aim to empower admins who create a community on Common to create and manage spaces tailored to their specific interests and needs. With this new feature, creating and managing communities on Common has never been easier.

Upon creating a new community, admins will be seamlessly guided through the core set-up steps such as setting up groups, enabling integrations, and more. This initiative builds upon the recent deployment of our new community creation flow, collectively aimed at fostering a greater number of self-service communities within Common.

By empowering administrators to take proactive measures in optimizing their communities, we are dedicated to cultivating more active and engaging spaces for our users! Stay tuned for more product feature launches that will iterate on this goal - coming soon!