Announcing Agoric x Commonwealth

Announcing Agoric x Commonwealth

Commonwealth is excited to announce a new partnership with the team at Agoric. As a public blockchain benefiting from over 30 years of experience in building distributed electronic markets and providing smart contract risk management, we’re excited to see where they take their project with our all-in-one governance platform.

Agoric: Rapidly Build and Deploy Secure DeFi On-Chain

Agoric is a proof-of-stake chain built on the Cosmos ecosystem. By using Hardened JavaScript, its blockchain programming is accessible to the 10+ million JavaScript developers. JavaScript also provides a safe and stable environment for developers to build sophisticated DeFi markets, NFTs, and Dapps. Agoric sets itself apart with its dedication to saving developers time by using pre-built smart contract components and dapps, allowing DeFi to be rapidly built and deployed.

The Agoric public blockchain is designed to mitigate risks posed by decentralized financial systems. The Object-Capability (OCap) security model provides multi-layer defense, allowing them to contain risks in their DeFi market. The Agoric programming model also enables the formation of a cryptoeconomic standard library, creating the same exponential composability that allowed for the explosive growth of other JavaScript ecosystems, including Node.js and React.js.

To learn more about Agoric, visit their website or check them out on Twitter, GitHub, and Discord.

Commonwealth: An All-In-One Platform for Decentralized Communities

Commonwealth accommodates various governance processes, making it so projects don’t need to be managed across multiple communities like Discord, Telegram, or other governance platforms. With our platform, projects can host their decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more all in one place. Since its inception, Commonwealth has become the governance tool and crypto-native community used by many of the top DeFi projects to discuss, vote on, and fund their initiatives.

With Agoric’s decision to join Commonwealth, the organization’s community operations will be fundamentally improved. They’ll have more functionality on a streamlined system, making their governance process seamless. Everything from discussions to crowdfunding to executing proposals can happen in one place—on Commonwealth.

Agoric’s platform on Commonwealth was built custom for their ecosystem and includes the following capabilities:

  • Crypto-Native Token Forum: The Agoric community on Commonwealth comes with full forum capabilities including threaded discussions, upvotes, user profiles, and more.
  • On-Chain Governance: The Agoric community will be able to discuss, vote on, and execute governance proposals all on-chain and with complete transparency through the new Commonwealth forum.

Participate in Agoric’s Commonwealth Forum

The Agoric Commonwealth forum is now live and actively used by the Agoric community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new platform.

Recent discussions and proposals include:

  • On January 28, Agoric announced a Validator Delegation Program, allowing validators receiving delegation from Agoric to be selected based on their competence and pledge to support Agoric’s infrastructure and community growth. They also noted that as infrastructure for the chain becomes increasingly decentralized, the community should be aware Agoric operates bigdipper and ping.
  • An upgrade proposal for Mainnet Phase 0, bumping the Agoric Mainnet to Cosmos v0.44.5 and adding new vesting capabilities, including Clawback Vesting and the transfer of additional tokens to existing Periodic Vesting accounts. This will allow tokens to be reclaimed (or “clawed back”) in the event that the relationship with the recipient is terminated.

The live forum can be found at