Beanstalk Launches All-in-One Governance Platform in Collaboration with Commonwealth

Beanstalk Launches All-in-One Governance Platform in Collaboration with Commonwealth

The Commonwealth team is excited to announce that we have partnered with Beanstalk to offer an all-in-one governance platform to the Beanstalk community. Beanstalk has built a vibrant community of $BEAN farmers and Commonwealth is looking forward to seeing how that community utilizes their new governance platform to grow the protocol even further.

About Beanstalk: A New Type of Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol

Beanstalk is a decentralized credit based algorithmic stablecoin protocol that is built on Ethereum. Beanstalk uses credit instead of collateral to create price stability relative to a non-blockchain-native asset. Beanstalk does not have any collateral requirements.

Beanstalk Protocol has experienced rapid adoption in the short time since their Ethereum mainnet launch and has also launched a series of popular NFTs for the community. To learn about Beanstalk’s growth and product in detail, please visit their official website or follow their Twitter and Medium.

A Hub to Grow & Organize Decentralized Communities: Commonwealth Protocol Offers an All-in-One Solution for Decentralized Communities

Commonwealth is the crypto native, all-in-one community & governance tool used by many of the top DeFi projects including dydx, Injective, Notional, Osmosis, & more. Commonwealth combines the core functionality of Discourse, Snapshot, on-chain voting, and network analytics all into one place via a crypto-native product. This means decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more happen all on Commonwealth.

Beanstalk offering its community of $BEAN farmers a Commonwealth platform means that their decentralized community operations are fundamentally improved. The governance process from discussion post through to executing the proposal is now seamless with more functionality and is all in one place.

Beanstalk’s platform on Commonwealth was built custom for the project and includes the following key capabilities:

  • Crypto-Native Token Forum: The Beanstalk platform on Commonwealth comes with full forum capabilities including threaded discussions, upvotes, user profiles, & more. Community members are also able to login with their wallets to use their $BEAN while participating in governance.
  • Snapshot Integration: As part of the seamless governance experience that Commonwealth offers, Beanstalk’s platform includes full integration with their Snapshot. This means the community can flow easily from discussion post to proposal with complete transparency at every stage. This enables the community to see the entire discussion leading up to the Snapshot proposal when deciding on their vote.

Participate in Beanstalk’s New Commonwealth Forum

The Commonwealth forum is live and able to be used by the $BEAN community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new Commonwealth platform.

The live forum can be found at