Boosting Community Engagement on Commonwealth

Boosting Community Engagement on Commonwealth

In the ever-evolving realm of decentralized projects, establishing a vibrant and engaged community is essential for success. A thriving community not only enriches the experience for its members but also propels the project forward. To help you achieve optimal growth and engagement on Commonwealth, we have curated a comprehensive guide that can be tailored for individual communities.

Before diving into advanced cross-platform engagement features and governance best practices, it's crucial to ensure a solid foundation for community member conversion and activation within Commonwealth. Below is a simplified checklist to guide you.

Getting Started

  • Manage Community Links
    • Clearly define links to the project's website, logo, Discord, and Telegram in the Project Description.
    • Follow this Loom video for a smooth setup process.
  • Appoint Admins & Moderators
    • Appoint responsible individuals for effective community management.
    • Refer to this Loom video for detailed setup instructions.
  • Pin Posts with Community Guidelines
    • Warmly welcome members and introduce community resources.
    • Educate members on effective platform usage.
    • Highlight community calls, events, and governance processes.
    • Explore strong examples from 1inch.
  • Use the Banner for Recent Updates
    • Keep the community updated with current priorities.
  • Engage Users with Initial Forum Posts
    • Seed the community with initial posts to stimulate engagement and ensure members have something to interact with when they first join!
  • Set Governance Stages
    • Define governance stages for a structured decision-making process.
    • Follow this Loom video for setup details.

Boosting Community Adoption

Once you’ve gotten your Commonwealth forum set up, there are a few key features that will drive community member adoption and keep them informed about community initiatives.

  • Discord Bridged Forum
    • Integrate your Discord forum channels with your Commonwealth community using our Discord Bot. This makes it easier for your community to consolidate information and keep themselves informed. Check out the blog or the docs
  • Webhooks
    • Easily broadcast any activity on your Commonwealth community across other platforms like Slack, Discord, and Telegram, making it easier for your community members to stay in the loop. Learn about webhooks.
  • OnChain Governance
    • Commonwealth’s native on-chain governance UI enables communities to consolidate all governance in one place. Contact Mark_CMN on Telegram to get it set up.
  • Custom Domain
    • Personalize your community's brand with a custom domain. Contact Mark_CMN on Telegram to get it set up.
  • Link on Projects Website
    • Integrate community links into your project's website to boost visibility and increase awareness of ongoing discussions, promoting wider community participation.
  • Link on Token Tracker/Block Scanners
    • Whether it’s a project whale or an interested ecosystem member, make it easier for them to jump into the conversation by linking the community on token trackers.
  • Promote Notifications Setup
  • Snapshot Connected (EVM communities)
    • Connect your Snapshot space natively with your community for a seamless voting experience. Our bi-directional integration will make it easier for users to stay in the loop. Got a Snapshot vote going up? Link discussions in Snapshot to connect seamlessly.

Cross-Platform Marketing

Now that your community is set up and has key features in place to drive engagement, market it across other channels to boost adoption.

  • Twitter Announcement
  • Twitter Space AMA
    • Utilize Twitter Spaces for interactive discussions and AMAs. Explore an example from Commonwealth here.
  • Blog Post
    • Share insights and updates through a comprehensive blog post.
  • Discord Announcement
    • Announce the community launch in the appropriate Discord channel.
  • Discord AMA
    • Host AMAs on Discord for direct community interaction to update them on how to best interact with the Commonwealth community page for your project.

Optimizing community engagement is not ticking items off on a checklist; it's a dynamic roadmap that paves the way for a thriving ecosystem. A well-curated and actively engaged community acts as the beating heart, fostering collaboration, sparking innovative ideas, and propelling the project towards sustained success.

By implementing the outlined strategies, you're not just ensuring a seamless onboarding process, but laying the foundation for an environment where members feel heard, valued, and eager to contribute. Remember, high community engagement isn't just a metric: it's the lifeblood that fuels the growth and sustainability of decentralized projects, making it a strategic imperative for the success of your community.

While the is initial investment of time and resources to set up your community on Commonwealth may seem like a tedious endeavor, it the cornerstone for organic growth, robust discussions, and the cultivation of good governance.