Common 2023: Year in Review

Common 2023: Year in Review

As we enter the new year, let's take a moment to look back on 2023 and Commonwealth's fantastic year. We've seen some major wins, exciting product launches, and our community has grown even bigger. In 2023, we centered our goals around community feedback. This resulted in large user-informed product launches that improved how DAOs coordinate and conduct governance. From revamping and powering governance for some of the largest DAOs to getting involved with the community IRL, we've not only hit some major goals but also raised the bar for what we’re looking to accomplish in the new year. In this recap, we'll dig into the standout moments and successes that made 2023 such an important chapter for Commonwealth.

Product Launches

In 2023, Commonwealth experienced a year of dynamic growth and innovation, marked by a series of impactful product launches that significantly enhanced our platform's capabilities. We introduced an array of new features, each designed based on user feedback and to enrich user experience and expand functionality. Product feature highlights include:

  • Discord Bot - Integrate your Discord forum channels with your Commonwealth community, allowing less conversation fragmentation
  • Groups - Admins can organize community members using on-chain (and soon, off-chain) attributes and then gate participation to various forum topics for different Groups
  • Create Community - We've completely revamped our self-create community flow, making it easier than ever to start your own community on any EVM or Cosmos chain
  • Unified Profiles - Users can create a personalized page on our platform that showcases their activity and interests and connects them with wider communities across Common
  • Session Keys - Users can sign their messages and interactions within Commonwealth to take actions faster and more efficiently
  • & more!

Alongside these new additions, we focused on enhancing our existing tools, making major forum improvements, and increasing site speed, ensuring a more seamless and efficient user experience.

Community Engagement and Education

Community is everything to us at Commonwealth. In 2023, we drove several community-fostering initiatives that significantly strengthened our connections with our users. Central to these efforts were our community calls, user interviews, and IRL workshops, which played a pivotal role in enhancing user knowledge and engagement. The goal of our community engagements was designed to empower users by providing them with product education as well as knowledge to participate in DAO governance. Alongside these educational efforts, we placed a strong emphasis on gathering and implementing user feedback to improve the user experience. These efforts not only increased user satisfaction but also fostered a well-informed and active community, strengthening Commonwealth's role in community-driven governance.

IRL Events 

In 2023, Commonwealth actively engaged with the broader community through a series of conferences and hosted events. From Denver to Paris to Istanbul to NYC, we’ve had a strong year of events and partnering with different projects across the web3 space. Notable highlights include organizing events and speaker engagements at ETH Denver, Consensus, Permissionless, ETH CC, Messari Mainnet, Cosmosverse, Devconnect Istanbul, and NYC meetups in between! We look forward to another year of facilitating good vibes IRL!

Looking Ahead

2023 was marked by notable product launches, impactful community initiatives, and significant participation in key events across the crypto conference circuit. These efforts have strengthened our collaboration and product innovation with our communities. Our focus on user experience, education, and community engagement has set a firm foundation for the upcoming year. In 2024, we are building off of our 2023 achievements and look forward to continuing our mission to empower communities by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Stay tuned for our Q1 2024 Roadmap!