Commonwealth x Stanford DAO Workshop

Commonwealth x Stanford DAO Workshop

On September 1, 2022, Commonwealth sponsored the Stanford DAO Workshop at the University’s Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center. The workshop facilitated collaboration between academic and industry leaders by bringing them together for a day of intimate, curated workshops designed to accelerate DAO functionality. We’re excited to have had Zak Hap, Head of Product, represent Commonwealth at this event. He discussed Commonwealth’s role in facilitating good governance and worked with other industry leaders in resolving some of the most critical issues for DAOs.

DAOs and their underlying technologies remain relatively new. This means those of us working to build them have little guidance on how to promote good governance, manage treasuries, build communities, and work within the legal system. The entire DAO ecosystem is conducting research on how to move forward, but much of the best operational understanding has been caught within specific DAO communities or hidden behind academic disciplines that have little to do with DAOs or web3.

Yet DAOs continue to gain traction and attention from policymakers, meaning it’s time to make clear to a general audience why, exactly, DAOs are a compelling alternative to traditional governance structures, and how we’ll be able to usher in the next era of community management. Because of their fundamental organizational difference from the traditional corporate structure, we must make a cogent case for why DAOs cannot be locked into corporate policies and regulations.

The Stanford DAO Workshop brought together academic and industry leaders to collectively discuss key problems faced by DAOs, share insights on how to run their operations, and ensure that the solutions we find are, at their core, interdisciplinary.

The workshop was hosted by the DAO Research Hub (composed of the DAO Research Collective, the Metagovernance Project, and the Smart Contract Research Forum) and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

As always, we’re excited to be building the future of DAOs with you!

Learn more about the Stanford DAO Workshop here.