Community Stake - 100 Owners Around Any Idea

Community Stake - 100 Owners Around Any Idea
Supercharge your vote

We’re excited to announce Community Stake—a way to empower community member ownership. When you launch a community today on Common, you get:

  1. Access to onchain gov
  2. Token-gated groups
  3. A forum for discussion

Now with stake, you’ll get the same and more. What you unlock:

  1. Lifetime, onchain membership
  2. Powered upvotes
  3. A shared, community treasury

Whether you’re a new creator, have a funny meme, or are spinning up a governance and research forum, community stake is for you.

Because onchain, you enable ownership around any idea from day one—from new memecoins to zk working groups. Subcultures have always lived on forums where in-depth ideas grow before going mainstream.

Our experience with DAOs has shown us the effort it takes to craft that perfect post, drive meaningful discussions, or bootstrap a forum. It's not easy to stay true to the community's core purpose as interest scales.

This effort is driven by ownership—a sense of responsibility and wanting to just see things happen. We hope to accelerate that with this launch.

On Base Today—Guarded Launch

We’re live today in a guarded launch on Base—right now there’s a cap of 2500 stakeholders! We’ll be raising this soon.

Don’t feel the need to read on? If you just want to get started, create your community and enable stake.

We’ll be gradually raising this amount as our contracts become more battle-tested and complete further audits from Zellic and Quantstamp.

How Stake Works

Step 1: Create Community

Step 2: Enable Stake

Step 3: Purchase Stake

The more stake you hold the more your upvotes are powered, and powers a community-owned tip jar. Here’s how it works—from creation to funding:

  1. “Name Your Interest”
    1. Each community comes with a built-in onchain bonding curve. This curve adjusts the cost of ownership based on demand, allowing anyone to buy or sell stake. Early members benefit from lower initial prices that rise over time.
  2. “Buy Stake”
    1. To support the community's ideas, you can acquire stake by depositing ETH into the community bonding curve. At the moment, they’re not transferable. They reflect your commitment to the community. Each transaction includes a fee, with 5% going to the community treasury and 5% to the platform.
  3. “Power Your Upvotes”
    1. Now, on any post that you interact with, you’re able to see more influence. The power of your upvotes is one-to-one with the stake you hold.

Create a community on Common today, and enable community stake.

What’s Next

We know that community is not one size fits all. We’re planning a set of upgrades so that you can adjust it to your community’s needs. This includes:

  • Inclusive or exclusive: Adjust the price of each token (i.e 10x more or less expensive)
  • Bring Your Own Token: Using your ERC20, not just ETH to enable stake purchase
  • Existing community Support:, admins will be able to activate it with just a few clicks through our apps and integrations page.
  • Cross Chain: we’re looking forward to launching on different chains, both EVM and beyond!

If you’re interested in these updates, we’ll be on our forum. If you want to explore or just want to create your community—get started here , we’re excited to create onchain together.

PS: We want to give a special shoutout building TCRs,, and other new experiments in around community curation like and Party for providing inspiration.