Contributing to DAOs with StableLab: How can you get involved and make an impact?

Contributing to DAOs with StableLab: How can you get involved and make an impact?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) help power community-driven decision-making and empower contributors to have a real impact on their projects.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Kene from StableLab, a leader in decentralized governance solutions for protocols, about how individuals can get started in DAOs.

Here’s what we learned.

DAOs look cool, now what?

Know your interests and skills

Find a DAO that’s aligned with your passions and skills. This might involve helping the DAO define its goals, creating operational manuals, or working on straightforward tasks that suit your expertise.

Kene pointed out that you don’t have to stay within your domain of knowledge. If you want to contribute in an area you’re less familiar with, you can still learn new skills and fill gaps within the DAO.

Study governance processes

Start to look into the governance process so you can effectively engage with your community. Kene started his journey by improving the governance process of 1inch through creating proposal templates, taking notes during weekly meetings, and setting up delegate programs.

Start small and build trust

Begin with mid-level or lower-level tasks instead of diving into complex issues right away. This approach helps you build respect and trust within the community, making it easier to take on larger responsibilities over time.

You can also gain more exposure and see the impact of your work within a smaller DAO, which could be encouraging and inspiring for someone getting started.

Be vocal and proactive

Engage and stay active within the DAO by sharing your perspectives and skills. DAOs are collaborative by nature, so it’s good to talk with other people and step in wherever you can. 

Don’t hesitate to offer a potential solution or work on things that you think could use improvement. In a fast-paced environment, it’s encouraged to be action-oriented and take initiative.

DAO contributor roles are evolving

DAOs are constantly in the process of changing, which means the roles of contributors are also flexible and continue to evolve.

Kene highlighted several notable changes, including the formalization of roles and processes, as well as the rise of service provider organizations catering to DAOs.

Formalization of Communication

Most DAO communications currently occur on platforms like Telegram and Discord. However, these interactions are expected to become more formal over time, and perhaps follow more “traditional” models and channels.


Bringing a higher work ethic and quality of work will be expected and needed as DAOs serve more needs. This includes adopting formal processes and establishing a service provider relationship through personal branding for individuals looking to grow within the space.

Emerging Trends

A notable trend is the formation of service provider organizations that cater exclusively to DAOs. This creates new opportunities for contributors to provide specialized services and make money while supporting the ecosystem.

We’re in it together

Kene was enthusiastic about how people are often very supportive and open to providing opportunities and support. Believe in yourself and your skills, and don’t be afraid to jump right in!

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