Introducing Groups on Common

Introducing Groups on Common

Introducing Groups On Common

Online communities, whether in web3 or beyond, are becoming increasingly intricate. Each community on Common has its own practices for managing its social structure and coordinating how (and what) things get done. Some of these practices are emergent, while others are codified as “best practices” decided and enforced by KOLs within the community.

To encourage play and transparent community rules, we built Groups on Common—a feature designed to streamline the management of social structures within your community in an agile and legible way. Using Groups, admins can organize community members using on-chain (and soon, off-chain) attributes and then gate participation to various forum topics for different Groups.

Setting up Groups - The Down Low

Creating Groups

  • Admins can efficiently manage their community with Groups to gate forum topics.
    • Group Members by Token Balance:
      • Groups on Common allows you to filter members based on their token balances. Currently, you can gate by: ERC20, Cosmos Base Tokens, ERC721, or EVM Base Tokens (including Layer 2 support).
    • Gate Forum Participation to Specific Groups:
      • After setting up your Groups, Admins can gate participation within forum topics to specific Groups, ensuring crucial discussions involve only relevant stakeholders.

Managing Groups and Members:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your community's groups. Whether you're a member, a whale, or an admin, access all the necessary group details and see what your groups you’re in. Search and filter groups to find what you need.
  • Admins can dynamically edit existing groups and create new ones, tailoring the community structure to evolving needs.
Management Page

Interacting with Groups

  • As a community member, Groups provides essential information when it matters. If you're not part of a specific group for a thread's topic, you won't be able to comment or react.

Groups on Common is a pivotal feature for crafting modular communities, where the relationships of members and groups are comprehensible. By promoting transparent and playful structures, Groups on Common empowers admins to effectively manage and curate their digital spaces. Admins, what are waiting for!? Go setup some Groups!

What Features Are Next?

  • Group Users with an Allowlist of Addresses
    • An allowlist is a manually curated list of addresses that an admin can set, enabling the creation of groups based on user addresses for targeted and personalized interactions within the community.
  • New Token Types:
    • ERC1155
    • CW721 and CW20 👀
  • External APIs & Credentials:
    • 🤫 (if you’re interested in partnering with us, reach out to mark_cmn on telegram or

Demo Setup

Check this video out to see how groups are setup within a community:

Have a credential to gate groups by?

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