July 27 Community Call: 2300% Growth

July 27 Community Call: 2300% Growth

We had some huge announcements on our partner call yesterday! In the past year, Commonwealth has seen 2300% growth in its engagement: monthly active users have gone from 3,466 to 83,263 between June 2021 and June 2022. We’re most in debt, as always, to dYdX, Axie, Element Finance, Stargate, Osmosis, Juno, and Evmos, whose communities have done the most to drive up this engagement and find ways to use our platform effectively in order to develop their projects.

Not only have our MAUs gone up, but other high-level metrics have improved as well. Our users are checking our more Commonwealth content per session and are more likely to stick around and bounce between communities. Our site speed has also improved, allowing users to more efficiently engage with community content.

Commonwealth growth chart

Community Highlights

Evmos: Evmos is working on exposing Ethereum to the Cosmos ecosystem. They’ve used Commonwealth to initiate discussions and vote on this project, which creates and registers ERC-20 representations for Cosmos-based tokens, including ATOM and OSMO. We’re excited to see such critical development for the crypto ecosystem happening on Commonwealth.

dYdX: dYdX deployed a $26.5 million grant program on Commonwealth. They used our platform to propose the initiative, determine its budget, and vote on the final form of this program. It’s a huge grant program, and we’re glad our platform was able to support the decision-making process and deployment for this initiative.

The Common Future for Web3 Communities

In the future, Commonwealth hopes to consolidate all Web3 community platform use cases into our platform. This will allow communities and DAOs to use a single platform, rather than switch between Discord, Discourse, and governance UI. As we continue to build towards this goal, we’re increasing participation rates across all facets of not only Commonwealth, but the projects that use our platform.

Moving forward, we’re building our community and governance stack with:

  • Multi-token forum gating, enabling community admins to associate Commonwealth spaces with multiple tokens. This will enable multiple types of NFT gating, token gating across multiple chains, and selectively gated topics.
  • A rules system for each forum, with whitelisted topics and posts, increased admin gating capabilities, Snapshot strategies, and outlines for the responsibilities of members. This will be a big step in facilitating unique conversations for crypto-native community structures.
  • Crowdfunding, allowing projects new revenue streams and ways for outside communities engage with their initiatives on Commonwealth.

We’re also improving Commonwealth’s design. We’ve been working on our new design kit, full product UX flow, page-by-page refinement, and increased user research. These updates will include post previews, a modular and editable sidebar to share information about your community, and poll and Snapshot previews. Thread pages will also have more features, including the ability to instantly vote, share, like, save, and turn on notifications as you read. With all our updates, the goal is to improve the discussion pages, facilitate the creation of shared community values, help document your governance processes, and increase community participation every step of the way.

We’re so excited for the future of Commonwealth and can’t wait to build it with all of you. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the Commonwealth product and design updates and be the first to leverage them for your community.