Mate: A Self-Served Commonwealth Community

Mate: A Self-Served Commonwealth Community

We’re excited to spotlight one of our top completely self-served communities: Mate. As a non-custodial and secure DEX that allows users to place limit orders on any Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens, we’re excited that they have launched their own platform on Commonwealth and can’t wait to see where they take their project with our all-in-one governance platform.

Mate’s governance platform was completely created by their community and has quickly become an active and healthy community supported on Commonwealth.

Mate: No-Nonsense Limit Orders

Mate’s protocol was designed to give quick and easy means for decentralized exchange traders to decrease the impact of uncertain prices across all tradable BSC assets. While Pancakeswap and BSC allow projects to instantly list their token in the market without relying on centralized exchanges, traders can’t exchange assets at the best possible rate since most DEX only execute trades on market execution. By using limit orders, Mate allows its participants the potential to decrease their DEX losses by up to 95%.

The few DEXs that offer limit orders require too many conditions to execute an order, leaving most participants with low liquidity and partial or non-execution. Mate limit orders, compared to other DEXs, do not confine users to these conditions in order to execute an order. Mate allows its users to make limit orders with no slippage and enough liquidity for any trade. The average trader is looking to get the best rate for their money, and Mate helps them do so.

To learn more about Mate, visit their website or check them out on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Commonwealth: Where Decentralized Communities Come to Grow

Commonwealth is the governance tool and crypto-native community used by many of the top DeFi projects to discuss, vote on, and fund their initiatives. We accommodate various governance processes so projects don’t need to be managed across multiple communities like Discord, Telegram, or other governance platforms. This allows decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more to happen all on Commonwealth.

Now that Mate has taken the initiative to join Commonwealth, the organization’s community operations have been fundamentally improved. Their governance process is now seamless, with everything from discussions to crowdfunding to executing proposals happening in one place. This gives Mate more functionality on a streamlined system.

Mate built their platform on Commonwealth custom for their ecosystem and included the following capabilities:

  • Crypto-Native Token Forum: The Mate community on Commonwealth comes with full forum capabilities including threaded discussions, upvotes, user profiles, and more.
  • On-Chain Governance: The Mate community is able to discuss, vote on, and execute governance proposals all on-chain and with complete transparency through the new Commonwealth forum.

Participate in Mate’s Commonwealth Forum

The Mate Commonwealth forum is now live and actively used by the Mate community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new platform.

Recent discussions and proposals include:

  • Mate Academy: a new way to onboard users via a series of short, educational videos directly integrated on the Mate app interface. Their main inspiration for this initiative is Webflow university. Mate hasn’t yet launched these videos, but they’re looking for influencers to put them together. One user suggested seeking out Spanish influencers to put these videos together for the Spanish-speaking community.
  • A proposal to start a Mate-BNB farm on Pancakeswap to onboard new investors and boost awareness about Mate. The community discussed the pros and cons of this proposal, agreeing that auctions are great for exposure but expensive for communities.
  • A request to add live analytics to the Mate website and app. This feature would allow for greater transparency to new members and stakeholders, and would ideally include data such as the current circulating supply of MATE, the max supply of MATE, the current LP price of MATE/BNB, and more.

The live forum can be found at

To start your own governance platform, visit for more information.