NEAR Launches All-in-One Governance Forum in Collaboration with Commonwealth Protocol

NEAR Launches All-in-One Governance Forum in Collaboration with Commonwealth Protocol

Today we are excited to announce the collaboration of NEAR and Commonwealth Protocol in building the NEAR ecosystem an all-in-one governance platform. This governance platform will facilitate further growth of the NEAR ecosystem especially in growing the utility of Sputnik DAOs.

As part of this partnership announcement, Commonwealth is launching two challenges during NEAR’s MetaBUIDL hackathon running now through to September 12

About NEAR: A Developer Friendly, Sharded, Proof-of-Stake Public Blockchain

NEAR is a decentralized application platform built to bridge the users of today’s Internet to the blockchain-based web of the future. NEAR is a PoS layer 1 blockchain platform, built with UX and DevX in mind. NEAR’s novel sharding mechanism, Nightshade, parallelizes computation on chain and automatically increases capacity when needed, resulting in theoretically infinite scalability.NEAR Protocol is built by a world-class team of engineers and entrepreneurs, who have won two ICPC world championships and medals, Google Code Jam and TopCoder. NEAR is backed by A16Z, Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures,, and Baidu Ventures. To learn more about NEAR, please visit their official website or follow their Twitter and Telegram.

Where Decentralized Communities Grow: Commonwealth Protocol Offers an All-in-One Solution for Decentralized Communities

Commonwealth is the crypto native, all-in-one community & governance tool used by many of the top DeFi projects. Commonwealth combines the decentralized community use cases for Telegram, Discourse, and Snapshot all into one place. This means decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more happens all on Commonwealth.

Erik Trautman, CEO of NEAR, said:

“When our team discovered Common Protocol, we knew their technology and platform was a winner right from the very start. Our team needed a robust platform that could house all of our key discussions and initiatives, all in one place. Now we have it, and couldn’t be more excited to embark on an amazing journey with Common Protocol and their team.”

“We’re in full alignment with what NEAR is doing for the crypto community, inspiring those who seek to build applications in a way that can benefit everyone,” said Dillon Chen from Common Protocol. “Our entire team is confident that our ecosystem will allow their team to continue to innovate and enhance their platform in the NEAR and distant future.”

NEAR now moving onto Commonwealth means that their decentralized community operations are fundamentally improved. The governance process from discussion post through to executing the proposal is now seamless with more functionality and in one place.

NEAR’s platform on Commonwealth was built custom for the ecosystem and will include the following key capabilities:

  • Sputnik DAO Support: The NEAR forum on Commonwealth supports all DAOs within the NEAR ecosystem using Sputnik v2. Users will be able to launch DAOs with their own full governance forum and have a place to grow that DAO community.
  • On-chain Governance: The NEAR Protocol will be able to discuss, vote, and execute on governance proposals all on-chain through the new Commonwealth forum. Wallet Login: NEAR community members will be able to login to the governance forum using their NEAR wallets.

Participate in NEAR’s New Commonwealth Forum

The Commonwealth forum is live and able to be used by the NEAR community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new Commonwealth platform.

In collaboration with the MetaBUIDL Hackathon running through to September 12, Commonwealth has launched two challenges to get the community leveraging their new DAO tool. The challenges are as follows:

  • Challenge 1: Publish a governance discussion post to the Commonwealth forum. The best discussion post wins!
  • Challenge 2: Use Sputnik DAO support to create a DAO Commonwealth forum.

The live forum can be found at