Community Spotlight: r/datadao’s Common Community

Community Spotlight: r/datadao’s Common Community

As a platform devoted to empowering new communities, Common is committed to supporting innovative projects. Today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on r/datadao, a community we proudly host with a clever double-entendre name that speaks volumes about its mission. Let's explore their pioneering work in redefining the data ownership landscape.

Let’s Unpack the Name

r/datadao isn't just a name; it's a play on words that holds significant meaning. On one hand, it refers to the subreddit that was banned by Reddit for advocating personal data ownership. This ban underscores the project's bold stance on data rights. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Look closer, and you'll see that "r/datadao" also reads as "our data." It's a a clever pun. and a subtle nod to the fact that data rightfully belongs to us, the users.

Understanding r/datadao

At its core, r/datadao is the world's first data DAO, focusing on Reddit data. The community owns and operates a data collective that gives users the ability to claim ownership and monetize their data. Users connect their Reddit accounts to join r/datadao, contribute data, and earn points based on their karma. The community can collectively utilize this data for creating new applications or directly monetizing it through sales to AI companies

We're excited to host r/datadao and can’t wait to see what proposals the community creates regarding leveraging the community-owned dataset. “Potential options include using it as the foundation for a new user-owned Reddit alternative, renting or selling the data to AI companies, or leveraging the collective power to negotiate with Reddit and push for users to be paid directly for their data.”

The Common team has already considered leveraging this data. Our founder, Dillon, recently shared insights in a thread about the potential for building a community-owned AGI on r/datadao. This discussion highlights r/datadao's transformative potential and the innovative spirit driving our platform. Explore Dillon's thoughts here.

Key Features of r/datadao

  • Monetize Personal Data: Members can vote on proposals to start a Reddit alternative, sell data to AI companies, or negotiate with Reddit for direct user compensation.
  • Community Tokenomics: $RDAT tokens are distributed based on user contributions, granting governance rights over the collective dataset.
  • Collective Decision Making: Users participate in governance decisions through voting on proposals with their $RDAT tokens, ensuring an involved community.

Let’s Follow r/datadao’s Governance Lifecycle

r/datadao employs a structured yet flexible governance process:

  • Community Discussion: Ideas and thoughts are exchanged within the forum.
  • Proposal Creation: Discussions evolve into actionable proposals.
  • Voting: Users vote via Snapshot, integrated into Common. Token holders' voting power is proportional to their token holdings.
  • Implementation: Proposals reaching quorum are implemented, benefiting the community.

Growth and Community Engagement Metrics

  • Phase 1 (Completed 4/7): r/datadao distributed 20 million $RDAT, with 247,000 users, 141,000 verifications, and over 21,000 data uploads.
  • Phase 2 (Upcoming): Plans include $RDAT staking with referral rewards, distributing an additional 10 million $RDAT, and allocating 399,880 $RDAT to active early contributors.

First Proposal Passed on Common: Electing Discord Mods

The community's first governance initiative, electing Discord moderators, passed on Common. This sets a precedent for community involvement and operational transparency. Elected moderators will foster healthy community dialogue.

Check out the first proposal here.

How to Participate in r/datadao

Here's how to engage:

  • Contribute Data: Connect your Reddit account, verify, and upload data to earn $RDAT tokens.
  • Join the Community: Visit their Common space here.
  • Participate in Governance: Use $RDAT to vote on proposals, influence decisions, and shape the future of data ownership.

We're thrilled to host r/datadao and witness their community's impact on the future of data ownership. Join us in this exciting journey!