Sifchain Launches All-In-One Commonwealth Platform

Sifchain Launches All-In-One Commonwealth Platform

Commonwealth is excited to announce that Sifchain is joining our platform. The Sifchain team is collaborating with some of the most adept market makers, traders, and complexity theorists in cryptocurrency, and we’re excited to see their project grow on our all-in-one governance platform.

Sifchain: Omnichain DEX

Sifchain was built with the Cosmos SDK, allowing it to process more transactions per second than Ethereum. With its faster trades and lower fees, Sifchain is 100x more efficient than the current leading DEXs. Sifchain is looking to target 20-25 blockchains, including Ethereum and Stellar, for cross-chain integration. Their goal is to make cross-chain integration as essential as a wallet, ensuring that, in the future, liquidity from all cryptocurrencies can be accessed on-chain with a coordinated deployment of capital.

Sifchain creates optimal order execution by combining the best elements of liquidity pools and order books. As most decentralized exchanges have liquidity pool algorithms optimized for token swaps, Sifchain is rethinking the formulas used for these algorithms to implement adaptive AMMs suitable not only to token swaps, but to limit orders as well. Sifchain hopes to operate with truly decentralized governance: over time, SifDAO will inherit the core team’s responsibilities to become entirely responsible for Sifchain’s governance.

To learn more about Sifchain, visit their website or check them out on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Commonwealth: An All-In-One Platform for Decentralized Communities

Commonwealth accommodates various governance processes, making it so projects don’t need to be managed across multiple communities like Discord, Telegram, or other governance platforms. With our platform, projects can host their decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more all in one place. Since its inception, Commonwealth has become the governance tool and crypto-native community used by many of the top DeFi projects to discuss, vote on, and fund their initiatives.

With Sifchain's decision to join Commonwealth, the organization’s community operations will be fundamentally improved. They’ll have more functionality on a streamlined system, making their governance process seamless. Everything from discussions to crowdfunding to executing proposals can happen in one place—on Commonwealth.

Sifchain’s platform on Commonwealth was built custom for their ecosystem and includes the following capabilities:

  • On-Chain Governance: The Sifchain community will be able to discuss, vote on, and execute governance proposals all on-chain and with complete transparency through the new Commonwealth forum.
  • Cosmos Token Forum: The Sifchain community on Commonwealth comes with full forum capabilities including threaded discussions, upvotes, user profiles, and more.

Participate in Sifchain’s Commonwealth Forum

The Sifchain Commonwealth forum is now live and actively used by the Sifchain community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new platform.

Recent discussions and proposals include:

  • A proposal to compensate parties whose assets were stuck in the Terra relayer. Voting on this proposal ends on April 1, 2022.
  • A proposal from the liquidity team for SifDAO to: list LUSD and used $100,000 worth of ROWAN from the community pool to bootstrap the newly-created ROWAN:LUSD LP for either 3 months or until the liquidity team’s marketing attracts an equivalent amount of external LUSD liquidity.

The live forum can be found at