The Top of the Standard

The Top of the Standard

On Wednesday, September 21, Commonwealth, dYdX, and HASHED celebrated the kickoff of Messari Mainnet. At The Standard, we served hors d'oeuvres with an open bar at the Boom Boom Room, a venue the event invite described as “inspired by the smooth, classic craftsmanship of a Bentley, combined with the tasty yumminess and pureness of honey.” The Top of the Standard is iconic for its famous afterparties following events such as the Met Gala and NY Fashion Week.

Over 900 guests came to the party, packing the rooftop, lounge, and bar, with a line around the block once the party got underway. Bartenders generously served the nonstop orders of the specialty cocktails of the night—the Common Cosmopolitan, dYdX Fashioned Derivatives, and the Hashed Hurricane.

Guests sat on the piano and gushed that it was the event of the week they were most excited about. On the roof, crypto natives tried to explain to the reporters what, exactly, a DAO is, and how it’s going to shape web3. A group huddled at the lounge discussed the latest Don’t Worry Darling headlines.

Before the Standard party got underway, this year’s Messari Mainnet 2022 saw our Head of Business, George Beall, speak at Pier 36 on September 21. As a panelist, he helped offer investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and newcomers alike reliable information and data tools that help them participate intelligently in the crypto economy. As our industry continues to grow and disrupt adjacent industries, we want to continue to ensure Commonwealth promotes collaboration & and remains anchored in community building. Other projects in attendance included Solana, Galaxy, Women in Crypto, Injective, NEAR, Coinbase, Blockchain Association, and many more.

All in all, a successful week. We look forward to hosting you guys next year.