Carma x Commonwealth

Carma x Commonwealth

We're thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Carma! Through our API integration, Commonwealth is working with Carma to provide our users with access to more community analytics and tooling.

Carma is a platform that offers various tools and features to support community building and management. It assists projects in attracting, engaging, rewarding, and retaining community members. Carma offers dashboards and analytics that enable community managers and members to assess the effectiveness of their community initiatives.

Communities on Commonwealth can now access their communities' analytics through the Carma integration. With the integration, users can view aggregate and user-level data analytics for communities on the Dashboard. This includes:

Summary analytics: View the number of different types of engagements in your community.

Topics: View the number of threads, comments, reactions, and participations per topic.

Topic Activity: View and assess which topics are trending over time.

Most active threads: View and assess thread popularity based on the number of threads, comments, reactions, and participation.

Most reacted comments: View the most popular comments in the community.

Most frequent contributors: Lists the most frequent contributors based on their activity in the community and last time active on Commonwealth.

Participants: Displays new and cumulative participant data to better understand user types.

Additionally, our integration with Carma will allow community managers to better understand the interests of community members and reward them for their participation and contributions. The Carma Automation system allows community managers to create rules for rewarding members based on activity on Commonwealth. Examples of rewards include community points, Discord roles for access to gated channels, and more!

With Carma, communities on Commonwealth have more tools and insights to better manage their members and drive effective initiatives. We're excited to see how our communities utilize the Carma integration! Check out their platform here.