What to do after you create your community on Common?

What to do after you create your community on Common?

Creating a community is only the beginning on Common. The real progress lies in nurturing an engaged ecosystem, supporting community growth, and encouraging collaboration.Here are some essential steps to enhance engagement in your community.

Post-Creation Checklist for Community Managers on Common

  • Actions: In the ‘Community Profile’ tab located in the sidebar, post links to your project’s website, Discord, Telegram, and any other relevant social media featuring your community.
  • Why: Creates a central hub for all project-related information, making it easy for members to find resources and stay informed.

2. Appoint Admins and Moderators

  • Actions: In the ‘Admins & Moderators’ tab located in the sidebar, select and appoint responsible individuals to manage your community effectively.
  • Why: Ensures healthy discussions and spam moderation, which are crucial for maintaining order and fostering a positive community environment.

3. Establish Community Guidelines

4. Utilize the Banner for Announcements

  • Actions: In the ‘Community Profile’ tab located in the sidebar, scroll down to find the Banner section
    • Regularly update the community banner with the latest news or priorities.
  • Why: Keeps the community informed of recent updates or changes, ensuring that members feel involved and up-to-date.

5. Initiate Engagement with Forum Posts

  • Actions: Seed the forum with initial posts to kickstart discussions and engagement.
  • Why: Activates the community space by encouraging participation right from the start, helping to build momentum.

6. Set and Create Topics within the Forum

  • Actions: In the ‘Topics’ tab located in the sidebar, you can create and manage existing topics there
  • Why: Provides a clear structure and adds organization for the overall forum, which boosts the signal to noise ratio for each topic.

7. Outline Governance Stages

  • Actions: In the ‘Community Profile’ tab located in the sidebar, scroll down to find the Stages section to create custom names for your governance stages
      • See Stargaze’s example below:
  • Why: Provides a clear framework for for the entire governance lifecycle for each community. Clear stages makes discussion and proposal ideation easier to follow.

8. Drive Community Member Adoption Across Other Social Apps

  • 3 Actions:
    • Integrate our Discord Bot, bridging forum posts on discord into the Common forum
    • Set up webhooks to broadcast updates on Common across platforms like Slack, Discord, and Telegram.
    • Click the ‘Integrations’ sidebar to setup our Discord Bot and webhooks

Why: Consolidates communication and information, making it easier for members to engage and participate across different platforms.

9. Continuous Engagement

  • Actions:
    • Regularly update content and engage with community feedback.
    • Monitor engagement metrics to adjust strategies as needed.
  • Why: Keeps the community dynamic and responsive, ensuring that member needs and feedback directly influence ongoing community strategies and initiatives.

Following these steps will help build a solid foundation for your community to grow. Prioritizing engagement, organization, and visibility, empowers your community to not only participate but achieve its goals.

Got any questions? Feel free to message https://t.me/Mitchy_Common on Telegram