Commonly Asked Questions, A Commonwealth FAQ

Welcome to Commonwealth, your decentralized haven for Web3 discussions and governance. In this FAQ, we unravel the features that make Commonwealth stand out. Whether you're combating spam, migrating from Discourse, or exploring customization, this guide has you covered. Join us to harness the full potential of Commonwealth and empower your decentralized community.

Do you support any brand customization efforts?

We currently assist with several customization options. For a custom domain setup, you can contact @Mark_CMN on TG. Additionally, you have the flexibility to assign custom names to stages during the governance process.

What is the difference between Wallet & Social Login?

We provide two methods for accessing your Commonwealth profile. You can sign in using your wallet or opt for an alternative sign-in via a different social media account. We utilize Magic, a third-party service that generates and links a wallet address to your social profile. This generated wallet enables all users to be able to navigate on-chain actions on Commonwealth.

How can I moderate discussions and protect my community against spam?

Commonwealth offers a variety of ways to protect communities against spam. Community Managers can flag threads or comments as spam. They also have the ability to ban certain profiles or wallets from interacting with their community. Lastly, topic thresholds and gating help protect that signal to noise ratio when it comes to important governance discussions.

How do you grow your community natively on commonwealth?

Check out our recent blog and set your Commonwealth Community up on the right path to foster organic growth here:

How do I know users are real and not Bots?

Leveraging wallet login or social login there is now 2FA which reduces the odds of bots and helps protect a strong signal to noise ratio within your community.

What does the transition from Discourse look like?

Understanding that some partners migrate from Discourse, we recently build a bridge which allows partners to transfer with little friction. Check out more info on our bridge here:

Do you support voting delegation?

Yes we do, in the sidebar under Contract Action Template you are able to delegate your voting power.

What kind of text editors do you support?

We currently support Markdown & Rich Text

Is Commonwealth open-sourced?


Armed with insights from this FAQ, venture into the decentralized future with Commonwealth. From moderating discussions to voting delegation, the platform empowers users at every turn. Explore customization, leverage the open-source nature, and witness your community grow in the Web3 space. Commonwealth is more than a platform; it's where governance meets the future. Thank you for being part of the Commonwealth community—where your voice truly matters.

Did we miss a question you want covered? Feel free to reach out to our discord, twitter, or message mark_cmn on telegram.

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