Introducing Common: Create Onchain Together

Introducing Common: Create Onchain Together

We're thrilled to announce our rebrand. We are now Common, and we hope it’s more than a name change. Like the name implies, we want to make sure both product and mission reflects a simple, straightforward experience.

Our Mission: Enable Ideas to Come To Life, Onchain

What was Commonwealth?

Commonwealth was “just” a governance tool. Initially, we set out to solve our own problem and address feedback we heard from other DAOs—governance is hard. As a product, we focused on integrating three core features to help governance—long-form discussion, integrating voting (both off-chain and onchain), and a simple wallet experience across every chain.

Governance is still key to what we do. Yet, one thing we continue to hear from these 100+ of community conversations is that engagement happens everywhere, not only around proposals. As large-scale decisions happen maybe once every few months, governance is at the bottom of the engagement funnel. And why is that? While it’s incredibly important, putting “board decisions” online and onchain sometimes makes it feel as if only experts can help out.

What is Common?

With Common, we are “just” a community platform—with integrated rewards, roles, and the best onchain and offchain conversations for all your ideas.

For every one onchain vote, it might take ten revisions, a hundred members pitching in, and thousands of shares so that idea is heard throughout the community. All of this is community engagement that should get recognized and rewarded.


We want to make sure that the same actions we helped DAOs with like sharing ideas in Discord, turning a thread into a Proposal Onchain, and helping using ownership to curate the best ideas support working groups, guilds, and whatever your interest is.

After all, whether you’re starting out or managing a $100m treasury, it’s these concrete actions that drive governance proposals, new meme contests, impactful grants, and helping support this is our Common goal.

Three Themes for Our Year

Over the course of the year, we’ll be working in three ways to help bring this to life.

  1. Turn online feeds into onchain action: DAOs have always been about making decisions together. We want to continue to bring discussion from Discord, Farcaster, Telegram, and Twitter into one place and making creating group transactions as easy as upvotes.
  2. Build Ownership with Incentives: Whether you are starting your community, or scaling your DAO,. we provide a set of plug and play incentives to make sure ownership matches effort. The first of which we rolled out with Community Stake (try it here). You’ll see us soon build out and integrate with things already onchain
  3. Scale With Our Protocol: We know that one product experience can only go so far. After all, we are not here to recreate a walled garden. Instead of being an everything app, we’d much rather be any everywhere protocol. For communities, you should be able to plug in incentives wherever you talk and make sure that conversations aren’t siloed. And for developers, you should be able to build your own experience to support new types of communities, not only DAOs.

Create Onchain Together

We’re excited about Common, we hope you are too. Whether you’re a tenured developer or want to create a community—bring it onchain. The future is being pulled forward in real time with every post, meme, and project. We look forward to building—no idea is too small or too ambitious.

Let’s create onchain together.