Common Vision Ahead: Our 2024 Product Roadmap

Common Vision Ahead: Our 2024 Product Roadmap

2023 was a transformative year for Commonwealth. We focused on with a core focus on improving the user experience and enabling modular communities to be created. Some notable releases include groups and gating, an enhanced self-create flow, and merging our front end to React. Outside of pushing product enhancements, growing and empowering Commonwealth's community was at the forefront of initiatives, including monthly community calls and consistent in-real-life (IRL) events to engage and grow connections with the common community.

In Progress

Looking to 2024, Commonwealth is dedicated to enhancing the user experience, fostering community ownership, and driving engagement. This year, we're simplifying turning ideas into reality and elevating on-chain actions to new heights. Below, you'll find an outline of the improvements queued up:

  1. Sign-In Revamp: Experience a smoother login process | January 17
  2. Editor Improvements: Enhance your content creation and interaction experience | January 25
  3. Admin Onboarding & Community Activation: Streamline community setup and management | January 25
  4. Community Stake: Gain direct ownership in your community | February 1
  5. Rebrand + Mobile PWA: Upgrade to a superior mobile experience | February 15
  6. Groups + Gating Improvements (V2): Customize your group access and interactions | March 2
  7. Reactions (V2): Express yourself with an expanded range of reactions | March 7
  8. Mobile Follows (Notifications +++ ): Stay updated on-the-go with mobile-first notifications | March 15
  9. User Onboarding + Activation (V1): Enjoy a seamless new user experience | March 15
  10. Contests in Q2: Engage in creative community contests.
  11. Bounties and Onchain Interactions Improvements (V2): Participate in an enhanced bounty system | Early Q2
  12. Creating Onchain Content: Look forward to more social features and on-chain content integration | Early Q2
  13. Increased Social Features in Q2, Community Specific Points in Q2, and Community Wallet | Early Q2

**Above are target dates and subject to change **

Commonwealth's roadmap for 2024 is a testament to the commitment of bringing your ideas to life, leveraging on-chain actions, and fostering more empowered and engaged communities.

Outside of all the crucial features and products being shipped over the course of 2024, Commonwealth will be focused on growing and decentralizing the community - join Commonwealth today and shape the conversation!

Getting Started

  1. Create your community on Commonwealth here
  2. Join the community Discord | CMN Protocol | Twitter | Zealy